Daddy Sunday.

Daddy had bad day whilst I was teaching babies to swim!:-

‘You asked if I was feeling up to looking after the kid today. The answer is probably not.

While on the toilet (which I can not cope with being very far from due to tummy bug) Peace got tomato purée out of the fridge. Smeared it all over herself, the hall, the bottom of the stairs and the living room.

While I was dealing with this she went and smeared what was on her into our bed (which means I am now stripping it again) plus because they were mucking about in here she’s spilt my coffee over the bed and floor so I have to wash the duvet as well.


It gets better. Mayonnaise spread around the dinning room; Cat (white) licking out of the pot.

Cat (white) tripping me up while I had the laundry basket in my hands resulting me me stumbling into Peace’s play buggy (which is now in the bin). All in all a nice peaceful Sunday morning.

Well the green stripy mug is no more.

1130 and I’ve still not had any coffee. As my first one ended up over the bedroom.’


Top tips for surviving A&E with lively children. (Or how amazingly lucky we are to have the NHS)

So Peace and Quiet are healthy, normal mischievous children…..and have no health issues…. What they do have is an unhealthy liking for risk taking, intrigue and determination.

We do everything humanly possible to make our home a safe one for our children….yet despite this over the last 2 years we have been at least a dozen times or more!!!!

This is not medical advice, and should not be interpreted as such.


1. Is it a real emergency? If you are concerned check with the 111 service or phone GP. If obviously an emergency dial 999!!! Get some basic first aid training, as this can help you be less panicked and have a clear plan on what to do in a more serious emergency.

2. Have a grab bag/ change bag.(nappies etc…and charger, see below)

3. Keep tablets (electronic ones) charged and easily findable…. Along with headphones. ( take a charger too)

4. Grab water and snacks if you think of them….

5. On arrival…try and be patient and polite, A&E departments are busy places with many sick or injured humans!!! We have been seen and attended to swiftly by being polite, kind and grateful!! Manners cost nothing.

6. Waiting. A&E are busy places….so waiting is inevitable!!! Crack open the electronic tablets, videos on your phone, books, play or sing with your poorly little one. Great to distract your little one or sibling especially during blood tests etc.

7. Randomly chat to other parents/ patients and sympathise….parenting solidarity!!!!

8. Do acknowledge that you recognise the nurses/ Drs from previous visits. Have the craic if appropriate!

9. Say thank you to the staff as you leave….on leaving from our latest adventure Peace kept asking to say good bye to the ‘Nice ladies’

10. Have means to pay for car parking….a credit card or access to a 2nd mortgage!!!!

Never once have we been made to feel daft or silly for taking either or both Peace and Quiet to our local A&E. We count ourselves extremely lucky to have the NHS. I owe the health and wellbeing of my family to the skill and kindness of the staff at our local A&E.

Thank you….yet again!!!

(Still waiting for an invite to the A&E Christmas party)

Wins and fails of the first few days of the school holidays


  1. Celebrated the end of term with a curry, bucket of gin and some research on cooking ribs.
  2. Braved Chessington world of adventures…..with NO buggy!!!! Just as small backpack (with nappy change, emergency biscuits and water) buckles sling for Peace.  Hacks: Merlin passes with 20% discount on food and ate at Hotel buffet, picked 3 family friendly rides and strolled around the zoo and Sealife centre. Arrived at 11 am left at 3 pm. Minimal plastic tat brought.
  3. Daddy finds the ultimate solution for some actual peace and quiet for a Sunday afternoon.
  4. Camping in the ……living room as was too wet outside!



  1. Any kind of bed time routine.
  2. Sleeping in own beds
  3. A full nights sleep for anyone.
  4. Lie ins of any sort!!!

The crescendo that is the end of Quiet’s Reception year. A short reflection

Over the last few weeks home has been very much less than peaceful and quiet! ‘Quiet’ realising that he is moving to a new class, the anticipation of the school holidays, saying ‘good bye’ to his wonderful Reception teacher and ‘hello’ to his new year one teacher.

So this heap load of emotion has manifested it’s self with over sensitivity, shouting, crying, unruly and antiagonisim, tiredness and wakefulness!!!! That’s just with ‘Quiet’

His last trip to see the Head for trying to escape school…..(he and his friends pretended to do this most days, but the teacher who was present at the time was not aware of this) signalled the down hill slide to the end of term high jinx.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that he is only 5 and hasn’t yet fully got a handle on how to process massive changes. Really, I wouldn’t expect Quiet to process these feelings any other way! I mean, I’m 37 and am still struggling with this one.

It has been a big year for Quiet. He’s grown up and and matured from this quirky preschooler to an imaginative (still quirky), inquisitive, head strong schoolie! Science ambassador for his class, learning to read and write, building all sorts of creations out of junk, makeing wonderful new friends. The trips to A&E to get bumps on the head checked out. Proud to be his Mummy.

But boy oh boy the last few weeks have been a struggle!!! After the never ending bed time a glass of something has been most welcome….. most nights!!!

Now that term has ended and the few days post school run are sinking in, I am beginning to see Quiet recharge and reset.  I’m hoping to do some fun stuff this summer to ignite his imagination…..but mainly to keep both Peace and Quiet out of mischief.

So whilst rounding off this reflection…. I hope to write more about our summer adventures.

…..what’s that noise? oooo popping of the Prosecco…. yes please


Peace, pensions, Potter, poo and parking!

Well, probably not the most exciting title…. but a situation which occurred just last week and is a typical turn of events!!

It all began during my organisations biannual fundraiser for a well known charity; a colleague came by to take photos of the little ones swimming in fancy dress, at a break during lessons she mentioned that she would have to run due to a meeting back at the office……..then the penny dropped, it was the day my boss had organised for a rep to talk to us about the introduction of a pension scheme.

Shit! I remembering I had signed up for the 5 pm meeting and there was no chance of last minute child care.

Panic, raced home packed felt tips and activity books, charged tablets, sorted out some kind of vaguely appealing  non messy snacks. Then figured out the quickest slummy mummy style supper before the school pick up run and prepared the battle which ensued of persuading Peace and Quiet to cooperate for my mad capped plan.

Raced to the office in time for the meeting, to apologise profusely to my boss (very lovely and understanding) settle the kids on the floor with the packed entertainment…..inside feeling smug! I can win this parenting and being professional lark!

Meeting ready on time! Win. The rep introduced himself…..’As the boy who lived’  (lead character from well known J.K. Rowling books).

The meeting was going well, aside from one or two minor interruptions by Peace. Quiet was uncharacteristically actually being quiet!! Win!

Mr Potter was winding up his presentation,  then out of the corner of my eye, Peace was slowly removing her nappy…. a big fat CODE BROWN!!!! Smearing poo all over her t-shirt, hands and office floor… all before I managed to reach her and contain said nuclear fall out. To make matters worse, it was a real stinker. Luckily I had a few wet wipes (never quite enough), a spare nappy and dog poo bag to decontaminate the area and contain the offensive material. Quickly bundling all entertainment, snacks, Peace and Quiet out towards the door

The meeting wound up quickly as you might of imagined and we were all heading out to the car park, only to find that all three of us had been issued parking tickets.

Only one thing for it, head home, jet wash Peace and Quiet  and source a stiff drink.


Parenting ‘Peace’ and ‘Quiet’

Hello and welcome to our blog.

Sort of an introduction to who we are and what the hell we are doing.

Both my Husband and I have always referred to our children with affectionate irony of ‘Peace’ and ‘Quiet’. They are not particularly peaceful or quiet. So to protect their identity they have taken on these Pseudonyms!

Peace, is a beautiful pocket rocket bombshell of independence and determination….in other words strong willed, determined and very wilful little girl aged 2!!

Quiet is a headstrong quirky little boy, inquisitive, inventive, mischievous and thoughtful…..although he always seems to do do different things to what is asked of him. ‘Quiet’ is 5 years old and just finishing his first year at school.

Hopefully our blog posts will sound vaguely normal to some…..or just provide some humour to others.

So welcome to the chaos which is our lives.



Quiet vomiting and a welcome delivery

Ok, so the title isn’t that great…..neither has the day been to be honest.

Where to begin…… oh yes, Peace decides she wants to wear her best and prettiest dress this morning…..which lasted on a grand total of 5 whole minutes before she deposited a code ‘Brown’ in her nappy, removed said nappy and smeared the contents over her dress, the floor and me. YUCK!!

Ah yes, fast forward to the school run. Day normal so far.

Driving Peace and Quiet to school, its a 10 min journey filled with the usual squabbling and shushing at the tricky junction and roundabout.

Find the most amazing parking spot, pull up and park. No problem… in fact this seems all too easy…. and it was….

I was about to open the door to get the children out… then it happened.

Full blown projectile vomit…… originating from Quiet. redecorating the backseat, the back of the drivers seat, his car seat, and foot well  in an instant. Poor little man, so unwell. Homeward bound.

Followed by washing entire school uniform, and the contents of Peace’s change bag……which happened to be in the fall out zone. Full biohazard decontamination of the car. Yuckity yuck.

The changes of clothes and projectile vomit continued throughout the day and house; the loads of washing and decontamination followed suit… did the endless animated movies chosen by poorly Quiet.


I’m only glad that Peace hasn’t also chosen today to be a big girl and wear pants….like she has been over the last few weeks.

Then a ray of hope, a silhouette  appeared by the back door.

Was it a demi god?

Yes! It was the courier…. the bimonthly case of red wine and Gin had arrived.

Right must dash… important package to inspect 😉