Quiet vomiting and a welcome delivery

Ok, so the title isn’t that great…..neither has the day been to be honest.

Where to begin…… oh yes, Peace decides she wants to wear her best and prettiest dress this morning…..which lasted on a grand total of 5 whole minutes before she deposited a code ‘Brown’ in her nappy, removed said nappy and smeared the contents over her dress, the floor and me. YUCK!!

Ah yes, fast forward to the school run. Day normal so far.

Driving Peace and Quiet to school, its a 10 min journey filled with the usual squabbling and shushing at the tricky junction and roundabout.

Find the most amazing parking spot, pull up and park. No problem… in fact this seems all too easy…. and it was….

I was about to open the door to get the children out… then it happened.

Full blown projectile vomit…… originating from Quiet. redecorating the backseat, the back of the drivers seat, his car seat, and foot well  in an instant. Poor little man, so unwell. Homeward bound.

Followed by washing entire school uniform, and the contents of Peace’s change bag……which happened to be in the fall out zone. Full biohazard decontamination of the car. Yuckity yuck.

The changes of clothes and projectile vomit continued throughout the day and house; the loads of washing and decontamination followed suit…..so did the endless animated movies chosen by poorly Quiet.


I’m only glad that Peace hasn’t also chosen today to be a big girl and wear pants….like she has been over the last few weeks.

Then a ray of hope, a silhouette  appeared by the back door.

Was it a demi god?

Yes! It was the courier…. the bimonthly case of red wine and Gin had arrived.

Right must dash… important package to inspect 😉