Parenting ‘Peace’ and ‘Quiet’

Hello and welcome to our blog.

Sort of an introduction to who we are and what the hell we are doing.

Both my Husband and I have always referred to our children with affectionate irony of ‘Peace’ and ‘Quiet’. They are not particularly peaceful or quiet. So to protect their identity they have taken on these Pseudonyms!

Peace, is a beautiful pocket rocket bombshell of independence and determination….in other words strong willed, determined and very wilful little girl aged 2!!

Quiet is a headstrong quirky little boy, inquisitive, inventive, mischievous and thoughtful…..although he always seems to do do different things to what is asked of him. ‘Quiet’ is 5 years old and just finishing his first year at school.

Hopefully our blog posts will sound vaguely normal to some…..or just provide some humour to others.

So welcome to the chaos which is our lives.




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