The crescendo that is the end of Quiet’s Reception year. A short reflection

Over the last few weeks home has been very much less than peaceful and quiet! ‘Quiet’ realising that he is moving to a new class, the anticipation of the school holidays, saying ‘good bye’ to his wonderful Reception teacher and ‘hello’ to his new year one teacher.

So this heap load of emotion has manifested it’s self with over sensitivity, shouting, crying, unruly and antiagonisim, tiredness and wakefulness!!!! That’s just with ‘Quiet’

His last trip to see the Head for trying to escape school…..(he and his friends pretended to do this most days, but the teacher who was present at the time was not aware of this) signalled the down hill slide to the end of term high jinx.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that he is only 5 and hasn’t yet fully got a handle on how to process massive changes. Really, I wouldn’t expect Quiet to process these feelings any other way! I mean, I’m 37 and am still struggling with this one.

It has been a big year for Quiet. He’s grown up and and matured from this quirky preschooler to an imaginative (still quirky), inquisitive, head strong schoolie! Science ambassador for his class, learning to read and write, building all sorts of creations out of junk, makeing wonderful new friends. The trips to A&E to get bumps on the head checked out. Proud to be his Mummy.

But boy oh boy the last few weeks have been a struggle!!! After the never ending bed time a glass of something has been most welcome….. most nights!!!

Now that term has ended and the few days post school run are sinking in, I am beginning to see Quiet recharge and reset.  I’m hoping to do some fun stuff this summer to ignite his imagination…..but mainly to keep both Peace and Quiet out of mischief.

So whilst rounding off this reflection…. I hope to write more about our summer adventures.

…..what’s that noise? oooo popping of the Prosecco…. yes please



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