Wins and fails of the first few days of the school holidays


  1. Celebrated the end of term with a curry, bucket of gin and some research on cooking ribs.
  2. Braved Chessington world of adventures…..with NO buggy!!!! Just as small backpack (with nappy change, emergency biscuits and water) buckles sling for Peace.  Hacks: Merlin passes with 20% discount on food and ate at Hotel buffet, picked 3 family friendly rides and strolled around the zoo and Sealife centre. Arrived at 11 am left at 3 pm. Minimal plastic tat brought.
  3. Daddy finds the ultimate solution for some actual peace and quiet for a Sunday afternoon.
  4. Camping in the ……living room as was too wet outside!



  1. Any kind of bed time routine.
  2. Sleeping in own beds
  3. A full nights sleep for anyone.
  4. Lie ins of any sort!!!

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