Top tips for surviving A&E with lively children. (Or how amazingly lucky we are to have the NHS)

So Peace and Quiet are healthy, normal mischievous children…..and have no health issues…. What they do have is an unhealthy liking for risk taking, intrigue and determination.

We do everything humanly possible to make our home a safe one for our children….yet despite this over the last 2 years we have been at least a dozen times or more!!!!

This is not medical advice, and should not be interpreted as such.


1. Is it a real emergency? If you are concerned check with the 111 service or phone GP. If obviously an emergency dial 999!!! Get some basic first aid training, as this can help you be less panicked and have a clear plan on what to do in a more serious emergency.

2. Have a grab bag/ change bag.(nappies etc…and charger, see below)

3. Keep tablets (electronic ones) charged and easily findable…. Along with headphones. ( take a charger too)

4. Grab water and snacks if you think of them….

5. On arrival…try and be patient and polite, A&E departments are busy places with many sick or injured humans!!! We have been seen and attended to swiftly by being polite, kind and grateful!! Manners cost nothing.

6. Waiting. A&E are busy places….so waiting is inevitable!!! Crack open the electronic tablets, videos on your phone, books, play or sing with your poorly little one. Great to distract your little one or sibling especially during blood tests etc.

7. Randomly chat to other parents/ patients and sympathise….parenting solidarity!!!!

8. Do acknowledge that you recognise the nurses/ Drs from previous visits. Have the craic if appropriate!

9. Say thank you to the staff as you leave….on leaving from our latest adventure Peace kept asking to say good bye to the ‘Nice ladies’

10. Have means to pay for car parking….a credit card or access to a 2nd mortgage!!!!

Never once have we been made to feel daft or silly for taking either or both Peace and Quiet to our local A&E. We count ourselves extremely lucky to have the NHS. I owe the health and wellbeing of my family to the skill and kindness of the staff at our local A&E.

Thank you….yet again!!!

(Still waiting for an invite to the A&E Christmas party)


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