Daddy Sunday.

Daddy had bad day whilst I was teaching babies to swim!:-

‘You asked if I was feeling up to looking after the kid today. The answer is probably not.

While on the toilet (which I can not cope with being very far from due to tummy bug) Peace got tomato purée out of the fridge. Smeared it all over herself, the hall, the bottom of the stairs and the living room.

While I was dealing with this she went and smeared what was on her into our bed (which means I am now stripping it again) plus because they were mucking about in here she’s spilt my coffee over the bed and floor so I have to wash the duvet as well.


It gets better. Mayonnaise spread around the dinning room; Cat (white) licking out of the pot.

Cat (white) tripping me up while I had the laundry basket in my hands resulting me me stumbling into Peace’s play buggy (which is now in the bin). All in all a nice peaceful Sunday morning.

Well the green stripy mug is no more.

1130 and I’ve still not had any coffee. As my first one ended up over the bedroom.’


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